Family man

Father of three and married for almost twenty years, I'm kind of "young" old man.

Ask me something from baby diaper to college age son, if I do not know, I surely can find who knows in seconds ;).
For sure, it is harder than you think, but at the same time, most amazing than you think too, don't ask me why.

Fortunately, I'm crossing this hard and satisfying path with my lovely wife.


I run a software company called Wakai (, where we craft software for web using ruby, ruby on rails and other cool stuff the open source world provides us.

A partner-holder at Badabum (, a web company, we offer websites as a service, where anyone can create and manage a website, with or without a tech background. The product is focused on the brazilian market.

A partner at Soukdesigner (, an e-commerce platform where small to medium sellers can create and manage a web store with options of all flavors. The product is focused on the middle east market.

Hard worker

I had more professional experiences than my age suggests, but I've been working with software development for some years now, I can say I learned some tricks, but the path ahead looks longer than the path left behind, so I keep coding and learning.


You can find me at twitter, linkedin or send me an email.